Neighbourhood Pods

Note: the text from this page is taken directly from a collectively-developed living document called “How to start a neighbourhood pod“. Click the link the previous section for the full document.

Background: What’s a “Pod?”

A pod is a group of 5-30 people who are working to support each other. This can be a non-geographical community (eg. people who work together, a faith-based group) but this document is for people who live in the same neighbourhood or building and are looking to support one another—both virtually and, when following safety protocols, in-person. 

Elements of a Neighbourhood Pod 

A neighbourhood pod has three basic elements:

  1. A list of community neighbours, their contact info, their needs, and what they can offer.
  2. A way to match people who need help with those who volunteer to help.
  3. (Sometimes) A way for people to connect directly with each other to offer support, connection, and solidarity.

As a neighbourhood point person (or point people), you’d reach out to your neighbours, check what needs are arising, and coordinate or moderate a neighbourhood phone tree or group chat. You can also connect with point people from other neighborhoods to share resources, learn from one another, and support each other (sign up here).  

Before you start supporting others, make sure you have support. Take some time to figure out who would show up for you when you’re in crisis, and vice versa. Check out this resource by Rebel Sidney Black.

Ready? Click here for information about how to start a pod.

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